Between 2012 and 2015 JFDI invested in 70 very early stage startup businesses, all at the pre-seed stage. We invited open applications from startups around the world and selected 4% of applicants for our JFDI accelerate program. After that program, more than 50% of the teams selected secured seed funding averaging around USD400k. Two years later, around 20% of the funded teams are on their way to becoming $100m+ businesses.

We split the portfolio into Growing Ventures, Acquired Businesses and a Deadpool of great teams whose ideas just didn’t find product-market fit before their cash runway ended. Within each segment companies are listed with the JFDI cohort in which they graduated indicated in brackets.

Growing Ventures

  1. Tradegecko, from New Zealand, is a B2B web-based service providing supply chain management for independent brands and their retailers. (2012A)
  2. Infogym, from Norway, Software is eating the gym. (2015B)
  3. Fynd, from Singapore, is the Uber for onsite mobile phone repair. (2015B)
  4. DataStreamX, from Canada and Singapore, a marketplace for real-time data from M2M, IoT and Big Data applications. (2014B)
  5. Roomfilla, from United Kingdom and Thailand, unbundles the hotel stack for short-term rentals. (2015B)
  6. Appknox, from India, is a mobile app vulnerability detection and security certification service. (2014A)
  7. Digify, from Singapore, confidential and secure document sharing for Businesses. (2014B)
  8. Healint, from France, provides behaviour analytics for neurologists and healthcare providers to strengthen medical decisions with contextual information(2013B)
  9. Glints, from Singapore, is like LinkedIn for Youths. (2014A)
  10. Greyloft, from Singapore, is like Uber for real estate rentals. (2014A)
  11. CurrentDraw, from China, is like Google Docs + Alibaba for Electrical Design. (2015B)
  12. Eventory, from Singapore offers lead generation in real-world events. (2015B)
  13. Play2Lead, from Australia, and Russia, makes corporate training fun, memorable and insightful. (2015B)
  14. Collabspot, from France and Philippines, has a novel approach to enterprise email sales platform. (2013A)
  15. Fetch Fans, from USA and Australia, is a B2B web service that gives brand franchises with local businesses control and analytics as they use social media to maximise impact for all their franchisees. (2012A)
  16. Klinify, from Singapore and India, is developing a software for medical practice management. (2013A)
  17. OurHealthMate, from Singapore, is working on health and wellness. (2013A)
  18. StylHunt, from Thailand, offers search for online shops you can trust. (2014A)
  19. TribeHired, from Malaysia, is the social recruitment platform for fast-growing start-ups that puts friends to work. (2012A)
  20. Vault Dragon, from Singapore, provides off-site storage solution delivered to customers’ doorstep. (2013B)
  21. Taembe, from United States and Vietnam, making moms’ life easier. (2015A)
  22. Qwikwire, from Philippines and USA, is a cross-border payment platform for the banked and underbanked in emerging markets to process invoicing and recurring billing. (2013B)
  23. Silent Eight, from Poland, Next-Generation enterprise search. (2014B)
  24. Kallfly, from Philippines, is an on-Demand Virtual Contact Center Marketplace. (2014A)
  25. Krake, from Singapore and New Zealand, is developing a data harvesting engine. (2013A)
  26. Oroscas, from Philippines, enabling microfinance groups to manage their finances better. (2014B)
  27. QLC.io, from Australia, career and lifestyle portal for the restless millennial. (2014B)
  28. Bakipa, from Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, a specialized marketplace for new and used children’s products. (2015A)
  29. Boxgreen, from Singapore, a technology-enabled food brand in Asia that formulates and delivers healthier snacks directly to members’ desk or doorstep. (2015A)
  30. TapTalents, from Singapore, is a mobile corporate training platform that creates personalized on-the-job training for distributed workforce. (2013B)
  31. Telefun, from Philippines, Massively multiplayer television. (2014B)

Acquired Businesses

  1. Flocations, from France, Singapore and Canada, is a B2C web travel service that visualizes nearby destinations on an interactive map, so leisure travellers can browse by budget and book their next getaway in minutes, not hours. (2012A)
  2. ShopSpot, from Thailand, is a C2C mobile app that makes buying and selling items as easy as sending a tweet. (2012A)


  1. CodeCloud, from United States, is a Stack+Services for web app development. (2015B)
  2. Execuvite, from United States, Singapore, and Israel, is a market Platform for Freelance Teams. (2015B)
  3. FamilyKo, from Philippines, is a B2C multi-platform app that allows families separated by business to bond and grow together. (2012A)
  4. Kark Mobile Education, from Indonesia, is a B2C tablet game platform using collectible QR cards to make 4–12 year old children masters of a simulated world. (2012A)
  5. Scrollback, from India, is developing a real time embeddable community tool. (2013A)
  6. Casting DB, from Singapore, a social platform that reinvents the casting call. (2014B)
  7. Codetoki, from Philippines, is developing tomorrow’s developers. (2014A)
  8. Duable, from the USA and Taiwan, leverages computational linguistic to customise language learning material. (2013A)
  9. enMarkit, from India, enables eCommerce marketers/analytics team build social graph and convert visitors to customers. (2013B)
  10. Geckolife, from Singapore and United States, a safe social app for Families, Children and Groups. (2014B)
  11. Heyleela, from India and Australia, a Mobile fashion search, discovery, and inspiration
    for the Indian woman. (2014B)
  12. MediaLink, from India, is a Public Relations marketplace connecting businesses, journalists, and sources. (2014A)
  13. MOLOME, from Thailand, is a photo sharing platform designed to turn youths’ and young adults’ photos into social memes. (2013B)
  14. Quickly, from India, is an automated productivity tool, triggered by inbound email, integrating applications on the cloud. (2014A)
  15. Rushbike, from Thailand and Moldova, “Uber” for motorcycle delivery in Bangkok. (2014B)
  16. RyMM Education, from India, supporting productive partnerships between partners and teachers. (2014B)
  17. Shareboard, from India, Cloudless P2P file sharing on mobile. (2014B)
  18. StoryRoll, from Lithuania, brings micro-video to e-commerce. (2014A)
  19. UserScout, from Singapore and Vietnam, is a user research targeted process management system. (2013A)
  20. Wikasa, from Indonesia, offers instant slidecast creation, publication, and sharing. (2014A)
  21. FirstRide, from India, a marketplace for new cars helping consumers buy cars online & helping dealers increase their margins. (2015A)
  22. Hijab2go, from Canada, Denmark, and Malaysia – a mobile commerce application that helps Muslim women try on thousands of fashion products virtually before buying. (2015A)
  23. Lets CATCHUP, from India, a better job recruitment through college alumni networks. (2015A)
  24. Peddle, from Myanmar, Australia, and United States – a mobile marketplace for Myanmar. (2015A)
  25. Strike, from India, a mobile-first people research platform, for email power users. (2015A)
  26. Wiindi, from Vietnam, a shopping discovery app for Vietnam. (2015A)
  27. Arena, from Singapore, offers metrics to help young star professionals stand out for promotion. (2014)
  28. Celuv, from Korea, is like Flipboard for Fashion Shopping: gamified discovery and lead generation on mobile. (2014A)
  29. Obatech, from Canada and Taiwan, offers patient insights to pharmaceutical decision-makers by collecting data through its mobile-based rewards platform for chronic patients. (2013B)
  30. Remember, a B2C mobile app is the family Time Capsule in your pocket that makes it simple to capture and relive memories on your smartphone. (2012A)
  31. Skimbl, from France, offers service quality audits for F&B groups. (2013B)
  32. Stubb, a B2B document sharing service for the masses that connects your printer to the cloud. Anything you can print, you can publish online. (2012A)
  33. Trafflers, a B2C web service that makes it fun to discover and plan vacations with friends, thereby increasing the frequency and size of group travel bookings online. (2012A)
  34. Wildby, a fun talking encyclopedia on your iPhone that 5 to 12 year olds can enjoy without needing any literacy skills. (2012A)