Workforce training and learning for large enterprises is changing. Now that field workers carry smartphones everywhere with them, they are demanding that they will be able to access company knowledge-bases and learn specific skills “On-The-Job”, on a “Just-In-Time” basis. The e-learning segment of corporate training is growing fast, with about 40% of funds now being spent externally.


Product Premise

The TapTalents solution goes beyond basic content delivery to emphasise learning, retention, and recall: we add features for feedback, personalisation, testing, and gamification to improve the accessibility and relevance of content. We also make it easy for field workers to contribute content, so the learners can become teachers. Our peer-to-peer learning platform keeps itself relevant and reduces the cost of content production by devolving authorship to the field force themselves, just as YouTube has democratised video production. Through quizzes and assessments, we can tell managers exactly what their staff know and don’t know. We are like a Khan Academy for Enterprise, on mobile. Of course, our learning content can be developed in rich media, including videos.


Market Potential

The training industry in Asia-Pacific alone is estimated to be worth more than $50B in 2012. There are currently about 7,000 MNCs based in Singapore. Assuming we target the top 10% of these MNCs who have at least 500 workers each and charge each worker S$15 per month, the market potential is approximately worth S$63 million per year in Singapore alone. Industries with a high proportion of customer-facing field forces include hospitality, F&B, retail, BPO call centers, and education. These industries have relatively high churn and need to bring new employees up to speed fast and in the most cost-effective manner.



During his 7 years at IDA, Loh Mun Yew successfully developed and marketed AMPlify, the enterprise mobility programme for mobile ecosystem players in Singapore. He has leveraged his deep understanding of the local mobile ecosystem, based on his strong relationship with the mobile companies under his purview, to identify and spearhead additional impactful projects such as IDA’s AMPlify expanded programme with new major mobile MNC partners such as SAP, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and IBM participating in the programme for the first time. Since the launch of AMPlify Expanded in June 2012, Mun Yew has managed to increase the number of ISVs providing Enterprise Mobility solutions and also referring them to MNC partners such as SAP, Samsung and HTC as well as establishing go-to-market platforms with end-user companies such as Infineon Technologies Asia-Pacific and Standard Chartered Bank.

endy Ferixsen has successfully engineered and lead development team in Clearhub Pte. Ltd. by creating various mobile web and applications including award winning ringEmail services (www.ringemail.com). ringEmail basically is a secure and feature-rich unified mobility suite of mobile services such as Push Mail, Instant Messaging, PIM, Feeds browser and smart telephony services. With its compression technology to dramatically reduce data transfer coupled with secure AES 128-bit feature, ringEmail has been OEM as Microsoft’s Windows Live Hotmail client and also won numerous awards.


Media Kit

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