Vault Dragon

Vault Dragon provides on-demand off-site storage to apartment dwellers, by the box and by the day. A big, sturdy box shows up at your doorstep when you want it and goes away when you don’t. Customers appreciate our affordable and flexible pricing, and pay a premium for the convenience of delivery.


Business Premise

Vault Dragon serves affluent residents who live in cramped apartments with more stuff than space. They need to offload scuba gear, physical mementoes, papers, books, DVDs, and old clothes. Self-storage doesn’t work because it’s troublesome, inflexible and expensive – it doesn’t make sense to pay for a whole room that they do not fill. They tend not to own cars and are time-poor. They have disposable income, so they tend to be relatively price-insensitive: out of sight, out of mind.

This creates the opportunity for off-site on-demand micro-storage. Our business model essentially arbitrages commercial self-storage space at a steep margin. Around the world, there are seven competitors exploring this niche, all less than a year old. The oldest is Boxbee, funded by AngelPad.



  • Vishesh Mittal, Co-founder (Technology). Vishesh drives the technology development at Vault Dragon. With more than 10 years of web and 5 years of app development experience, his knowledge ensures sustainability, reliability and accuracy of our web and mobile applications. Vishesh has a double degree in Computer Science and Business Administration from National University of Singapore (NUS). Vishesh also graduated with University Scholars Programme, an interdisciplinary programme by NUS that accepts only 3% students every cohort.
  • Ching-Tse Tseng, Co-founder (Business Development & Project Management). Ching drives the business development function at Vault Dragon. He is an ex-PwC operations consultant specialising in business process management. He also worked as an investment advisor at Philip Securities, where he was awarded the “Top Rookie” title in 2008 for his sales performance. Ching holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore Business School. He also holds a postgraduate diploma in Regulatory Compliance with International Compliance Association.

Media Kit

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