LinkedIn for Youths

Glints is a platform for youths to develop and display career skills, so they can land the perfect job upon graduation. To employers, fresh graduates all look the same on LinkedIn. We help them differentiate by earning and recording the career skills that employers care about. Glints provides online challenges and internships for youths to build their Glints profiles in a structured way. These profiles help them apply for internships and jobs after graduation, propelling their leap from academia to career.



Two months after launch, we have registered over 3,000 candidates with 12% week-on-week growth rate. We have over 300 company listings. Revenues are S$13,100 to date, growing at approximately 5% per week. If that keeps up we expect gross revenue of S$790,000 over the next 18 months.



Higher education is changing. Universities are being disrupted. MOOCs take on the academic component; Glints takes on the career-development component.



The nature of work is changing, but traditional higher education has not caught up. 36% of college graduates show no improvement in career skills after 4 years of expensive higher education.

They also lack a way to display differentiated public profiles. On LinkedIn, all graduates look much the same due to the lack of work experience.



The situation calls for a career preparation and matching platform that guides youths through career preparation, even as their universities guide them academically. The result: employable youths with differentiated résumé profiles.

Glints provides targeted opportunities such as internships and skill certifications to build those profiles. We curate the internships on behalf of both employer and student.

For employers, we offer them access to a pool of career-ready youths, and not just exam-trained students. To further optimize the hiring process, we use features such as a proprietary personality profiling tool, skills badges and employer reviews to synthesize multi-dimensional profiles, beyond the conventional CV.


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