JFDI Accelerate

This programme is now closed for applications.

From 2010-2015 JFDI first piloted then operated SE Asia’s first startup accelerator programme. Here’s what happened:

  • We raised and deployed $3m into 70 startups through a structured 100-day programme, creating a portfolio is now independently valued >$60m.
  • For each batch of 8-12 startups that we recruited, we accepted approximately 4% of teams applying.
  • They came in valued between $200-500k and 50% went on to secure seed funding averaging about $500k at valuations of $1.5-3.5m.
  • The talented people whose businesses didn’t work out were often recycled into the teams that did so now there is a huge frog mafia that shares our bootcamp as its common experience.
    • Two years after JFDI, about 15-20% of the teams that secured seed funding look like being really strong winners, with the rest dead or zombies. So overall the hit rate is about 10% of the teams we backed, putting us in the top quartile of international early stage venture portfolios.

JFDI continues to support the portfolio of startups created through JFDI Accelerate along with the new joint ventures it is creating with corporate partners.

$50,000 invested
Valuation boost $0.5-3.5m
100 Day Intense Programme
Typical 9% equity stake

400% - 500%

increased valuation

Independent valuations prove that we increase the value of start-ups 400% to 500% in just100 days.


Saves 1 year

to achieve traction

We cut a year or more off the time it would take an independent business to achieve traction. That’s why we call it an accelerator.



work with some of the best

We also call it a ‘bootcamp’ because it is a life-changing intense experience, like basic military training for entrepreneurs.