JFDI Accelerate

Longest-running and most successful seed accelerator program in South East Asia. Intense and

focused 100-day commitment.

Startups are always hard. But innovation need not be a mystery, and entrepreneurship need not be painful or lonely. Both

can be learned, working with peers and guided by mentors.

This program is for startups seeking seed funding for an innovative idea with a complete team in place, a

product/prototype already launched, and early signs of market traction. Mature, previously-funded startups are ok too!

JFDI offers S$50,000 cash investment to selected startups in return for 8.888% equity, with the promise of an additional

S$70,000 follow-on participation at the seed round for the most successful startups. In addition to the cash investment,

every team will be offered a package including intensive one on one mentoring valued at S$150,000, plus technical and

other vendor perks worth more than S$1,000,000. They will also enjoy the opportunity to pitch to over 100 active early-

stage investors at a demo day.

SGD 50,000 Initial Investment
> 60%success rate
100 Days validated idea to investment

We specialise in business model innovations powered by platform technologies which disrupt existing industries by creating new markets or media. Together with our mentors, we help entrepreneurs:

  1. Divide equity fairly among founders.
  2. Identify, acquire, and activate your early adopters.
  3. Brand and position to maximise conversion.
  4. Solve chicken-and-egg adoption challenges of multi-sided platforms.
  5. Set sustainable prices for LTV > CAC.
  6. Understand term sheets and investor psychology.
  7. Pitch for investment before >100 angels and VCs on Demo Day.
  8. Meet and engage seed or series A investors.
  9. Negotiate a fair valuation with investors.

In the 6 years since JFDI started, the global startup ecosystem has evolved and accelerators including JFDI must evolve with it. JFDI has completed its last bootcamp (2015B) and is now exploring what a next generation ‘startup factory’ might look like in Southeast Asia. Hugh Mason, CEO of JFDI, talks about our history, what has happened, and where we’re headed in more depth here.

As we move into a new phase, thank you to everyone here for being part of JFDI, for creating such a lot of joy around the Joyful Frog and good luck to all in the space we all helped to create. The last word goes to Meng Wong, co-founder and Chairman of JFDI, because he always sums up what we try to do best:

Entpreneurship will always be difficult… but it doesn’t have to be lonely.


In 100 days

JFDI.Asia was first in SE Asia to be accepted into the Global Accelerator Network which was set up by Techstars to share accelerator know-how.


400% - 500%

increased valuation

Independent valuations prove that we increase the value of start-ups 400% to 500% in just100 days.


Saves 1 year

to achieve traction

We cut a year or more off the time it would take an independent business to achieve traction. That’s why we call it an accelerator.



work with some of the best

We also call it a ‘bootcamp’ because it is a life-changing intense experience, like basic military training for entrepreneurs.


Global Accelerator Network

Our mentorship-driven program is part of TechStars' Global Accelerator Network of top 50 programs in the world.

Early Stage Startups

Teams applying to JFDI.Asia range from raw startups with just an idea, to companies that already have significant user numbers and prior investment. The program favours technology businesses that can demonstrate a real connection to Asia. All teams accepted are required to incorporate (or re-incorporate) in Singapore.

Intensive Mentoring

Mentors provide feedback and guidance to the entrepreneurs going through an acceleration program, sharing important lessons and insights they have learned through direct personal experience.

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JFDI operates the longest-running, most successful seed accelerator program in Southeast Asia.

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Mentors get to meet world-class startups who are interested in their advice and appreciative of their contributions.

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