ShopSpot, a C2C mobile app that makes buying and selling items as easy as sending a tweet. ShopSpot was one of two startups from this bootcamp able to announce follow-on investment even before Demo Day.



We are a mobile eBay with a slick UI/UX. We make it possible to list unwanted items in just under 1 minute. We reinvent the eBay/Craigslist concept in a social / local / mobile way. Buyers and sellers can use our in-app chat to arrange to meet up. We begin in Thailand and Singapore.



Who doesn’t have too much clutter lying around?

We all want to get rid of it but the selling process sucks.

Desktop-era solutions like eBay and Craigslist need you to use a digital camera, upload pics, fiddle with the UI, etc.

So it takes too long. And eBay is not social or local.

What if I want to sell to my friends, or to my neighbours?



We make it :

  • super easy to list items for sale
  • super easy to match buyers and sellers
  • super fun and engaging to “play”

Just take a pic, tag and post. That’s it.

It’s social and local, so you can sell to friends first, neighbours second, and globally third. This helps save on shipping fees.


Contact Information

Natsakon Kiatsuranon
CEO & Founder
+65 8590 2677 (SG)
+66 87449 9699 (TH)


Collaterals and Media Coverage

ShopSpot Logo
ShopSpot Screenshot 1
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Team ShopSpot
ShopSpot logo hits the streets
ShopSpot pitch at AIS Startup Weekend Bangkok on 18 DEC 2011, before the JFDI-Innov8 Bootcamp 2012