Welcome to Singapore!

To get to know the startup scene, you should:


Self-taught engineers and entrepreneurs might not need any help. For everyone else, there are courses:

Resources below this line are less universal.

For the rest of Asia, you could start by looking at:

  • TechRice: [China] Blog covering analysis of china tech and deals, from startups to internet giants.
  • pluGGd.in: [India] Showcase of technology and business startups from India and the Asian region.
  • STARTUPS.pk: [Pakistan] Directory of Pakistani startups and related news.
  • YourStory: [India] Indian online platform for entrepreneurs, dedicated to promoting the startup ecosystem.
  • TechInAsia: [China/Singapore-based, Pan-Asia] Asian Tech and Startup stories.
  • Roofcamp: [Philippines] Barcamp for future looking, maverick, and fearless individuals sharing and distilling ideas from concept to reality.


  • StartupDigest: [US] Tech startup community digest.
  • ArabCrunch: [Jordan] Tech news blog and startup community for the Arab world.


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