Instant slidecast creation, publication, and sharing

Wikasa allows presenters to painlessly create and share slidecasts from a capture of their live presentations.

Today, YouTube is full of blurry audience-generated videos where the slides are impossible to read. But the original slides are (often) on Slideshare!

The world needs a tool that automatically syncs the slides with the audio track from the video, and creates a high-quality interactive slidecast.

That’s what we do!



Conference presentations often contain valuable content, but few presentations are captured with the fidelity of the original presentation. Slideshare is not enough, because the voice track is missing. YouTube video (shot by someone in the audience) is not enough, because the slides are hard to read. And if the presentation is long, it’s hard to navigate. The conference organizers may have recorded the talk, but that video might take months to appear online – if ever! It takes a post-production worker to edit a video that switches intelligently between video of the presenter and full-screen slides.

  • This is painful for the lost audience, who has to put up with bad video on YouTube, if there even is any…
  • This is painful for the presenter, who has put a lot of energy to not reach the largest possible audience.
  • This is painful for the conference organizer, who has to pay for video production.
  • Wikasa solves all these problems by automatically creating high-quality, easily navigated slidecasts.


Slidecasts have been around for some time: high-quality full-screen slides synced to the voice track.
PowerPoint and Keynote make it possible to record slidecasts and export them as videos, but conference presenters don’t use this feature. Most presentations are only ever given once, in front of a live audience.

Wikasa captures the slide transitions during the live presentation, so it can construct a slidecast automatically.



Wikasa automatically creates slidecasts with gorgeous full-screen slides and a synchronized audio track.
Presenters don’t have to give their presentation more than once; video editors don’t have to be involved in lengthy post-production. Conference organizers can upload talks on the same day they are given. (Some conferences don’t do this; many do.)

This enables speakers to amplify the impact of their talk – to share with a world-wide audience instantly and bring engagement with less time lag between the actual presentation to global availability.


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