#1 shopping discovery app in Vietnam


Wiindi.com is developing a shopping discovery website & app, like Pinterest but focused on shopping only, with a very intelligent wishlist and real-time notification via multiple channels, to help online shoppers aged 15 to 35 todiscover, save and get deals for prod-ucts from any website with ease.



Problem – Consumers Online
Shoppers don’t have a place to keep and remember all the products they discover on every online store. They lack a system to be notified when their desired products go on sale. They don’t have a central platform to search for the products best suited for them whilst expressing their shopping style.

Problem – Online Retailers
98% of visitors leave without buying. Retailers have no way to engage them again. Small and medium online stores cannot understand their visitors’ needs, and are unable to suggest relevant items on their site to maximize conversion.



Solution – Consumer
A Pinterest-like discovery platform where shoppers can discover and bookmark all the latest trending products, compiled by people with similar tastes. We provide them a very intelligent wishlist which helps them save products they want from anywhere. It keeps an eye on those items and notifies them immediately if it has dropped in price, via email, Facebook notification, or app notification. It even brings people special vouchers when they save products from websites which have integrated our plugin.

Solution – Retailers
For online retailers, besides generating customers from the discovery app, we also provide a plugin which integrates to their websites, in less than 5 minutes. The plugin will help them increase their conversion and get even more customers via virality on social networks. Shop owners can also view analytics to understand customers’ interests and see what’s trending. They can also provide discounts to the right people to close more sales. Our plugin helps them engage better with existing customers.


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