UserScout is a web based platform that brings together researchers and study participants. It provides tools to researchers to source, screen and schedule the participants for their research studies. The software does profiling of the participants to match them to the projects. Research studies on UserScout include market research projects, usability studies, games testing, psychology experiments and even clinical trial recruitment.


Research studies bring together researchers and study participants. The problem domain resembles the job market or the dating market, with well understood coordination challenges in profiling, search, and matching. We are building a platform that serves researchers and study participants.



  • Ariff Munshi has two years of experience in the research community both as a participant and an organizer of market research studies. He became fascinated by the unsexy domains of market research and medical research. He is responsible for business and customer development.
  • Tran Quoc Tuan is the developer responsible for all software development and statistical analysis.
    Both members of the team have previous startup experience and are aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

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