A mobile-friendly web app for independent brands to manage their inventory and orders


TradeGecko is a web application for independent brands to transact with their retailers in a more social and engaging way.

Inventory, orders, invoices and payments – one system, providing complete account transparency between both brand and retailer.

We give the power of Wal-mart’s supply chain management to small businesses

We pivoted to this concept in February 2012 and already have a backlog of 200 users waiting for us to launch.



Independent manufacturers and retailers currently use a combination of fax, email, paper and spreadsheets to manage their supply & sales chains – a critical-but-tedious part of their businesses. They would rather focus their energies on creating new products and closing new sales, but are hobbled by order management and logistics.

In the last 12 months we spoke to over 200 small brands in Singapore and New Zealand in the fashion and tech gadgets industries. We found they typically use home-grown Excel spreadsheets to manage their orders and inventory, but are outgrowing Excel and are desperate for an alternative. Solutions like Salesforce and Netsuite are too complex and expensive.

We’re part of the Shopify, Etsy, Kickstarter wave of services for independent makers. We target 14.5m underserved small businesses in English-speaking markets around the world which are ready for an Internet-native cloud solution for supply chain management.



TradeGecko offers an easy, web-based, drop-in replacement for wholesalers and retailers to manage transactions and inventory – an Internet platform for all transactions between wholesaler and retailers, providing full account transparency for both sides, eliminating errors and freeing up valuable time.

TradeGecko brings the power of Walmart’s supply chain management to small businesses, offering industry insights and tools which currently only enterprise businesses can afford.

TradeGecko helps wholesalers manage their inventory, customers, and orders better than their legacy, homegrown Excel solutions for the following reasons:

  • TradeGecko integrates with Shopify, Etsy, and other web-based platforms.
  • Retailers can log in and place orders online instead of sending a fax.
  • As retailers close sales at the till, realtime data flows back to wholesalers.

TradeGecko helps retailers create orders, manage their buying budgets, and make payments.



Carl Thompson
CMO & Co-Founder
+65 9157 9674 (SG)
+1 415 992 7909 (US)


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