Making Mom’s Life Easier


Taembe.com sells baby goods online. “tã em bé” is “diaper” in Vietnamese. taembe.com is diapers.com in Vietnam.



Don Phan founded taembe.com after shopping for groceries with his wife. They noticed a young mother struggling to drive a motorbike while holding her baby and large packs of diapers. The idea for a diaper delivery service was born.

The company’s motto is: “làm mẹ dễ dàng hơn” – Making Mom’s Life Easier.



The B2C business has already launched and is operational. We would like to vertically integrate a logistics delivery app called “Song Duan” (“ส่งดวน” in Thai) so we can better manage our delivery drivers. Song means “send” and duan means “express” or “hurriedly.”

Many B2C e-commerce companies have to hire teams of drivers or outsource delivery to a third party. Tracking driver performance is nearly impossible. Our customers (“Moms”) are very demanding and want their orders delivered quickly. Greater control over our logistics will give us a competitive advantage that we can potentially license to other companies.


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