Bringing micro-video to e-commerce

Our mobile app for video helps SMEs and individual e-commerce vendors augment their product marketing assets with effective self-produced video content that uses the power of movement to showcase products with emotion.



Product manufacturers and e-commerce vendors are turning to video to differentiate and demonstrate their products. But recording a passable video is much harder than taking a passable photo. Anyone who has shot video knows how easily it descends into chaos. That’s why Vine stops you after 6 seconds.

As a result, while many independent manufacturers and merchants are comfortable taking product photos on their own, video often requires an outsourced creative agency to produce the equivalent of an ad campaign.

But we live in the Web 2.0 world of user-generated content. With GoPro, YouTube, and Instagram everywhere, there must be a better way to create and leverage end-user video content in service of product presentations and reviews.



Storyroll’s mobile app imposes structure on video creation and editing, making it easy enough for any independent e-commerce or m-commerce vendor to author engaging micro-video. This video content can then be uploaded and embedded in service of their e-commerce store.


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