Mobile Marketplace for Myanmar


Peddle is a business to consumer (B2C) and consumer to consumer (C2C) mobile marketplace for Myanmar.We aggregate content from a merchant’s existing social media account. As a marketplace, we make it simple for businesses and individuals to buy and sell new and pre-loved items on their mobiles.



Problem for sellers

  1. It’s hard to reach new customers outside of their existing circle and network of friends.
  2. Buyer–Seller communication is chaotic, with buyers getting in touch from many different channels and methods, i.e Facebook chat, post comments, photo comments and timeline wall.
  3. The order management process is manual, as inventory and stock have to be tracked on pen and paper. The cost of setting up a website, database or using existing e-commerce services is costly.

Problem for buyers

  1. The process of product discovery is cumbersome and limited to the most recent posts by merchants. There is no ability to search products/items.
  2. It is hard to make price comparisons, the process of visiting a page and then visiting a competitor’s page to find the same product to compare is troublesome and time consuming.
  3. Users save items to purchase later by taking screenshots but these items may or may not be available when they want to purchase it.
  4. It is hard to differentiate between good and bad merchants as sellers can delete negative or unfavourable comments from buyers on Facebook.



Unlike other marketplaces, we make social e-commerce stores instantly searchable by aggregating the content from social media websites. We take care of the grunt work for merchants who are already selling on social media website by having their existing content (inventory) integrated with our platform.

Similar to other marketplaces, we enable merchants and individuals to sell items on mobile; we enable buyers/seller matching, search, browsing through categories, chat and transactions.


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