Krake is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud service that helps businesses and financial analysts easily extract valuable finanicial and ecommerce data that are publicly available on third party websites. It’s proprietary web-scraping technology is able to crawl, index, and convert any website into easily consumed XLS, CSV, JSON, or SQL. When companies utilize Krake’s service, they are able to reliably and accurately generate massive volume of sales leads, monitor their competitors and identify industrial trends and opportunities rapidly.



Internet companies need structured data – about their competitors, and from their suppliers. With the maturation of the web over the past 20 years, this data now lives online. But the typical web site is built for humans to read, not for computers. Businesses want this data to flow directly into their software systems, but it doesn’t easily do that. The workaround: web scraping.



  • Gary Teh: NUS honors degree in computing. 8 years domain expertise building web scrapers as necessary infrastructure across multiple projects in multiple startups. Two years in Silicon Valley working with Googlers to do web scraping. Finally decided to scratch his own itch.
  • Joseph Yang: Melbourne University Master’s degree in software engineering, management consultant at Accenture, business analyst for the Australian government.


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