Klinify is a document management system that helps private specialist clinics manage patient records while preserving their existing workflow. It takes 20 minutes to set up the software, scanner, and tablets. The clinic can stop paper from entering the clinic by substituting paper processes with Klinify’s tablet app – without any downtime.


Business Premise

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems have failed to penetrate private clinics. Singapore’s $1bn NEHR is working for large hospitals but not for private clinics. Klinify believes that these top-down solutions have failed to gain traction with private GPs and specialists because the adoption dynamics have not been understood. Yet the problem is real.


Unique Value Proposition

Klinify helps doctors migrate to electronic records without changing their workflow. This makes migration to our system easy and gradual and minimizes the learning curve.



  • Krishanthan Surendran comes from a family of doctors. The dismal service he experienced in his journey to recovery from a severe disc herniation in the private medical industry convinced him to take on the challenge to revolutionize the industry. An MSc Management concurrent degree student at the National University of Singapore, he has experience in IT product sales and started a community project project in Sri Lanka that promotes entrepreneurship in the Eastern region by connecting entrepreneurs from Singapore. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, singing, dancing, and travelling.
  • Nishanth Sudharsanam completed his Bachelors in Computer Engineering with a minor in Financial Mathematics under full scholarship at the National University of Singapore. In his first year, he was part of a startup called Nineo.com and developed a keen interest in entrepreneurship. He co-founded the NUS ACM Students’ Chapter, a student interest group which helps spread IT knowledge among students. He has also developed and managed many websites as an independent freelancer. In addition, he passed the CFA level 1 exams and did an internship as a risk analyst at Credit Suisse. Nishanth has a keen interest in Indian classical music and performs as a lead percussionist on an instrument called the Mrudangam.



Advisors contribute customer requirements, business advice, and early evangelism.

  • Dr Henry Cheng is a respected gynecologist by day and a geek by night. When he set up his own practice, he wrote his own clinic management software. As a senior doctor at CGH, he was the head of the IT department. Today he owns a medical tech company that supplies and services RFID patient tags.
  • Dr C Sivathasan, National Outstanding Clinician award, July 2011. First to perform several groundbreaking operations in Singapore.


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