Kark Mobile Education

educational kids game featuring collectible QR cards

Kark Mobile Education, a B2C tablet game platform using collectible QR cards to make 4–12 year old children masters of a simulated world. Kark was one of two startups from this bootcamp able to announce follow-on investment even before Demo Day.



Kark is an educational collectible card game for children aged 5 to 12. Through immersive play on mobile devices, children learn experientially about aspects of the world around them, starting with Weather and moving on to other modules like Shapes, Animal, Spaces and History.

Kark uses physical gamepieces – QR cards which will be distributed through over 4,000 convenience stores across Indonesia.

The team were previously involved in producing games such as Need for Speed and Dino Duel, both very popular titles.

Kark has developed a QR Code technique that creates interaction between physical object and digital apps. The Kark proprietary platform will enable 3rd party developers and kids brand to develop, monetise games in smart phones and tablets.


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