Skimbl helps restaurant groups audit the service quality in their outlets in China. We consolidate all sources of online customer feedback, and provide meaningful interpretations for executives to better satisfy their guests. Every week, we send reports customized for the CEO, the Marketing department, the Operations department and the restaurant managers. They can easily have a clear understanding of what went right or wrong and they can take action to improve their service.


Business Premises

On the one hand, customer experience is critical to the success of service-oriented industries like restaurants. Ensuring a consistent experience across the whole business becomes challenging as soon as the company manages more than 4 outlets because the business owners spend less time with their clients. Restaurant staff have no incentive to report problems, complains or mistakes.


Market Potential

Mainland China hosts 2.38 million full service restaurants. High-end restaurants represent 16.1% of the market, which makes a total of 385,000 outlets. With our subscription fees of S$100 per outlet per month, our serviceable available market is estimated at S$462M per year. On a long term vision of global expansion including Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and North America, we look at a serviceable available market of S$5.06B.



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