Software is eating the gym


In brief Software is eating fitness. InfoGym brings the humble gym into the 21st century. By connecting gyms, trainers, and end-users, we improve engagement, revenue, and fitness outcomes while redefining the gym relationship as a network platform. What the Fitbit has done for individual fitness, we do for organized fitness.



The traditional gym industry is highly competitive. Gyms have problems retaining clients. They know that personal service reduces the dropout rate, but engagement takes up too much time and effort. A trainer’s income is limited by how many clients they can serve during a day, which in turn depends on back office work and preparation. End-users want to get the most out of their gym experience, but often hesitate to hire a personal trainer. They need education about how to work out safely and effectively, but most gyms don’t come with instructions. Gyms are like universities: there are many resources available, but learning about them and using them effectively often requires guidance.




InfoGym helps gyms manage and retain their members. InfoGym helps trainers manage their clients. InfoGym helps end-users get more out of the resources available, and achieve their goals through engagement and gamification both outside the gym.


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