Uber for onsite mobile phone repair


18% of iPhone users will break their phone within 2 years, and an average iPhone is broken within first 10 weeks. Accidental damage is not covered by manufacturer warranty. Instead of bringing it to a repair shop, let Fynd send a technician to your home or office to perform an onsite repair. Technicians operate as independent third-party contractors, like Uber drivers. Revenues exceed $80k/month.



Mobile devices are central to customers’ lives. Dealing with problems like a cracked screen or dying battery is very inconvenient. Going to a repair center typically wastes half a day. Nobody wants to leave their phone with the repair shop for a week, a day, or even an hour. Technicians can perform repairs using minimal equipment, renting a shop front doesn’t make sense. Average phone repairs take just 30 minutes.




Customers place orders online through our website, and our software platform will automatically find the best technician to service the customer. 70% of our phone repair orders are fully automated from customer acquisition to repair fulfillment.


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