Marketplace For New Cars, Helping Consumers Buy Cars Online & Helping Dealers Increase Their Margins


We move car sales in India online. Buyers can now book a test drive, arrange financing, compare prices, and complete the sale in days instead of months.For dealers, we offer a platform to schedule test drives through a Live Inventory Service, which generates high-value leads with 40% proven conversion. Our system also helps dealers increase engagement, funneling consumers to test-drive, purchase, and service from the same dealer. This model has been proven in the US by FirstRide brings the model to India and is crafted for the needs of emerging markets.



Dealers today get so many leads that that are not able to process customers on time and meet expectations. It is hard to tell a serious buyer from a casual browser. Dealers manage test drives with paper & pen. After providing a test drive and following up for months, they may end up losing the consumer to some other dealer for a difference of $20. To top it all, dealers are not really interested in selling cars; car servicing is where the money is.



Consumers use FirstRide to book test drives. We work with dealers to bring the test drive to the customer’s doorstep as soon as the next day – a luxury that pampers the customer. They drive on familiar roads and can bring the whole family along. Buyers can compare financing options, determine their budget, and apply for loans, all online. We promise them a great price and take a $100 deposit online. Now consumers can buy a car in a matter of 2–3 days, without ever visiting a dealership.

Dealers can now manage test drive cars on our booking engine, which generates only high-value leads, and maintains the long-term customer relationship throughout the service lifetime of the vehicle.

OEMs see us as a new kind of channel. We use data generated across multiple channels such as call centers, web & mobile to better understand the customer buying behaviors, sentiment, and response to incentives which will help in retaining existing customers and acquire new customers for OEMs.


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