bonding families across distance


FamilyKo is an interactive communications platform that enables long-distance families to play, learn and bond with each other.



Many people all over the world are disconnected from their families. The Philippines alone has over 13 million Overseas Filipino Workers who work abroad to provide better lives for their families. OFWs are away from home for months or years at a time. They have great difficulty bonding, engaging and getting to know their children long-distance. 20% of the OFWs we interviewed spent over US$100 per month on telecommunications in aggregate, but current solutions do little to improve the quality of their relationships with family.
They are heroes. They deserve better.



Imagine if you could play games with your child while video chatting; or accompany your child on a shopping trip or on their bus ride to school; read a bedtime story to your child, or join in on a family lunch on the weekend. Games, photo sharing, and always-on IP telephony and video chat can bring parents back into childrens’ lives in a meaningful way.


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