A Market Platform for Freelance Teams


Execuvite is a market network for enterprises to hire freelancers by the team. Our secret sauce is a community of elite freelancers who specialize in projects too large for a single person. We help them hunt in packs, find clients, and build a portfolio of successful projects.



Enterprises that use online freelancers hired individually often fail to achieve the expected results; so they turn to expensive outsourcing firms, which assemble proven teams and project manages them. Enterprises find it hard to coordinate individual freelancers on complex projects that require multi-functional disciplines.In the world of outsourcing, there is a gap between the individual freelancer (like Upwork) and the large consultancy (like Infosys). This gap exists because of the cost of managing small teams across a contractual engagement.





Execuvite provides the glue needed for freelancers to find work, join teams, deliver projects, and get paid. Clients can now outsource complex services to teams of multi-skilled freelancers that deliver high quality at affordable rates. These teams work like virtual outsourcing firms, at a fraction
of the cost of consulting firms, media agencies, or software development shops.

Execuvite’s market network has 3 components: the marketplace is where transactions happen; the network is where partnerships are formed; and the SaaS platform supports project management, communication and collaboration.


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