A marketplace for real-time data from M2M, IoT and Big Data applications

DataStreamX is an online marketplace for real time data streams including those generated by Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine and Big Data applications, so the companies who are producing data can monetize it and the companies looking for access to data can easily find it.

Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters make billions of dollars transmitting real-time streams of financial data. What they do for trading markets, we do for everything on the Internet: real-time streaming sensor network data for Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, weather data, fleet management, traffic, pollen counts, you name it.

We are in five PoC pilots with clients, including 1 Fortune 500 company, satellite data providers, telcos, social media analytics providers, and payment networks. We have traction on both sides of the market.



Increasing specialization within the real-time data industry calls for protocol- aware, application-aware data management.

Data providers want to publish, anonymize, and monetize their data, but they don’t want the hassle of translating that data to be compatible with data consumers, and they don’t want the sales burden of retailing that data. Data buyers are global and across industries so it is difficult for individual firms to pinpoint all the potential buyers.

Data consumers want to access multiple streams of data, but they want it in a one-stop shop where they can get access as soon as they want it from sources around the world. Finding data providers is difficult, especially when you are sourcing from new industries or geographic locations.

At present data providers are connecting directly to data consumers, but they will run into scaling problems soon.



Like Netflix, we are a marketplace and medium that supports buyer/seller matching, payment transactions, and streaming delivery of content.

Our platform enables data providers to stream their data to global buyers across various industries in real-time, multiplying their data revenue without having to invest in costly infrastructure and sales teams.We take care of the grunt work involved in every Big Data project. We make it easy for publishers to transmit and monetize data streams; we make it easy for subscribers to find, receive, and pay for data streams. In the middle are data-management augmen- tations and standard API libraries.


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