Google Docs + Alibaba for Electrical Design


CurrentDraw is a web app for collaborative electrical design (like Google Docs), featuring a components market-place platform (like Alibaba) directly integrated with the app.



Design without collaboration.
Existing electrical design software is 20 years old and designed for the desk-top era. Engineers complain about the overhead of manual version control and the difficulties of project coordination, review, and sharing.

Inefficient market for components.
Worldwide there are over 5 million components available to electrical designers, from different manufacturers and suppliers, with different technical specifications and prices. Yes, electrical components are available on Alibaba, but the listings are not comprehensive. Alibaba is not set up for electrical designers to efficiently research component specifications and include parts in their designs. Design engineers have to refer to offline and incomplete component sourcebooks, each supplied by a different manufacturer.



Like Google Docs, CurrentDraw’s all-in-one web app allows electrical engineers to design anytime, anywhere, and see what other engineers are designing in real time. The SaaS model eliminates the traditional CAD hassles like installation, registration, license-sharing, copying files, locking, and worrying about CAD versions. So the engineers can spend more time on better products and less time wrestling with CAD.

CurrentDraw will provide a constantly updated marketplace for components. While the designers are doing the design, they could find all the information related to the components required, such as the technical specifications, suppliers, manufacturers, component price, component stock level and component price comparison. For the first time it is possible to do the design taking into account both technical performance and price with no effort. But there’s more. Because CurrentDraw knows what designers have included in their drawings, it can start getting quotes from suppliers and aggregating the demand from many of them. Suppliers who can deliver large quantities of good products reliably at a low price will get bigger orders and designers can guarantee their clients that they are optimising the value of what they are delivering.


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