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CodeCloud helps independent innovators turn startup ideas into working code in minutes, even if they can’t code. Our stack+services model combines a turnkey framework for web app development (our secret sauce) with an army of developers who can cook with that sauce (our monetization platform). If the customer wants “an Uber for Sri Lanka, plus food delivery like Grubhub,” our software can read that as a software specification and launch a running prototype in minutes. Our professional-services marketplace then takes customers from proof-of-concept to production. What SAP does for ERP, what Oracle does for databases, CodeCloud does for app development – except our consultants are freelancers, not paid employees.



Demand-Side Problem
Startups and other innovators want to quickly develop web and mobile apps, but are often constrained on tech development. They have trouble finding good coders who are familiar with the startup tech stack. Many ideas die on the vine.

Supply-Side Problem
Junior developers want to become productive and build a portfolio fast. But learning to code is hard, and beginners have a Catch-22 problem with breaking into the professional market.




Technical Solution
The first generation of web mashups combined data and APIs from different sources to build useful third-party services. CodeSwatch is a second-generation programming automation tool that mashes up entire web apps. We have abstracted common themes of successful platforms and market networks and automated the development of new combinations of such themes. We reuse popular tech stacks and automatically generate working app skeletons, in the same way that Heroku and Docker make it easy to spin up server infrastructure.

Business Solution
In the labour-intensive beauty and cooking industries, students and interns gain professional experience through structured exposure to real-world clients. Think student-run restaurants or trainee-run beauty salons. We have developed a community of 30,000 beginner coders who want the same opportunity to sharpen their skills. They sharpen their skills by putting flesh on the skeletons that CodeS-watch creates. Where IBM has an army of consultants, CodeCloud builds an army of junior developers who train on CodeSwatch to build working web apps for clients. They learn on the job.


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