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BoxGreen is an online food subscription brand that helps consumers snack better and smarter. We rapidly develop an assortment of wholesome snacks tailored to a consumer’s taste & dietary preference and deliver it to their desk or doorstep every month. With over 30 unique products and counting, we are trying to disrupt the S$32 billion snack-food manufacturing industry in Asia.



The landscape of snacking today is a wasteland of high sugar, high salt and artificial ingredients. The supermarket aisle is filled with the same old snacks with little variation. Customers make purchases based on the bright shiny packaging rather than what’s inside the bag or what is really good for their body. The problem is with the manufacturing companies. Traditional Consumer Package Goods(CPG) companies usually take 12–18 months to develop a new snack for the market with little or no ongoing feedback from customers.



We want to improve the average snacking experience by making it smarter and better. Every month, our members choose an assortment of over 30 natural and wholesome snacks from BoxGreen. Snacks such as dried fruits & nuts, granola and fruit chips are rated by taste (sweet/salty/tart/tangy) and dietary preference (low calories/sugar/sodium, fibre-filled or protein-packed).

After selection, 4 of the snacks (about 100g each) are delivered directly to the customer’s office or home via local post service. Members receive a portioned amount of snacks for the month, along with a discovery card that explains the benefits and contents of the snacks. They are then able to go online to rate their snacks to refine their selection.

BoxGreen uses these snack ratings and selections to determine consumer taste preferences, manage our snack inventory and create new snacks every month. Part of our proceeds also goes to Willing Hearts, which is a local soup kitchen in Singapore for the less privileged.


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