The go-to marketplace for children’s products in Asia Pacific probability that it will work in other.


Bakipa is a specialized marketplace for children’s products. Parents can browse, compare and purchase a wide range of pre-loved and retail items for the family. Retailers and individuals can set up a shop and immediately reach our targeted audience of parents. Our vision is to be the go-to marketplace for children’s products in Asia Pacific, and eventually the world.



After a long and frustrating process to buy a bassinet for our daughter we realised there were a number of problems with the existing market for children’s products:

  • Fragmented – there is no market leader in the children’s retail space. To find the best deal on our cot we spent days visiting multiple shops, weeks combing through generalist marketplaces such as Craigslist, and hours searching numerous e-commerce sites.
  • Inefficient – there are many small retailers with great products, but it is hard for parents to find them. They do not have efficient and cost-effective channels to market their products.
  • In summary, we realised there is no go-to venue that meets the specific needs of parents, in what is a multi-billion dollar market.



  • Web and mobile – Bakipa is the only web and mobile marketplace that gives parents the full range of options when it comes to browsing, comparing and buying children’s products.
  • Marketplace business model – Bakipa’s product range is not restricted by capital and storage limitations. We can focus building the widest range for our buyers, and the most effective platform for our sellers.
  • Retailer solutions – Bakipa’s platform provides immediate access to the most targeted mobile and web based audience for children’s products. This increases sales and provides the most cost effective marketing channel.
  • Data – as a domain leader, Bakipa is gathering valuable data on buying and selling behaviour of parents. We are using this data to increase the effectiveness of our platform in terms of user acquisition, transactions, engagement and retention. Our insights are already being sought by third parties.

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