Venture Mentors

Mentoring is the keystone of JFDI’s work. Our community of mentors are passionate about disruptive innovation and the potential of digital technology.

Mentors provide feedback and guidance to entrepreneurs going through JFDI’s programs, sharing important lessons and insights they have learned through direct personal experience. In return, they get to meet world-class startups who are interested in their advice and appreciative of their contributions as they explore new technologies, business models and markets. Mentors also have the opportunity to collaborate with a community of fellow mentors and investors. We are deeply grateful to all the mentors listed here who have contributed so much since 2010:

Abhinav Krishna Abhinav Krishna Founder and CEO OurHealthMate
Aditya Dugar Aditya Dugar Founder of Slicemetrics
Akshay Garg Akshay Garg Co-Founder, Komli Media
Alex Lin Alex Lin Head, IIPL
Alvin Chan Alvin Chan Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Brandtology
Angela Ognev Angela Ognev Chief Happiness Officer, Strikingly
Ari Klinger Ari Klinger Co-Founder, & Partner, Right Click Capital
Ben Scherrey Ben Scherrey Chief Systems Architect, Proteus Technologies
Bernard Leong Bernard Leong Vice President, Digital Services, Singapore Post
Cameron Priest Cameron Priest Co-Founder and CEO of TradeGecko
Chris Evdemon Chris Evdemon Partner, Innovation Works Development Fund
Christoph Zrenner Christoph Zrenner Co-Founder and Director, Wildfire
Darius Cheung Darius Cheung Co-Founder & CEO,
Deepak Goel Deepak Goel Founder and CEO of KarmaCircles
Dmitry Levit Dmitry Levit General Partner, Digital Media Partners (DMP)
Edgar Hardless Edgar Hardless CEO, SingTel Innov8
Florian Cornu Florian Cornu Co-Founder and Director, Flocations
Hian Goh Hian Goh Co-Founder, Asian Food Channel
Huifen Zheng Huifen Zheng Legal Mentor, JFDI
Jamie Lin Jamie Lin Founding Partner, appWorks Ventures
Jayesh Parekh Jayesh Parekh Managing Partner, Jungle Ventures
Jeffrey Paine Jeffrey Paine Founding Partner, Golden Gate Ventures
Joe Cunningham Joe Cunningham Head of Risk, Asia Pacific, Visa
John Tan John Tan Partner at 8capia
Jon Sugihara Jon Sugihara Head of Product at RedMart
Joshua Tan Joshua Tan
Julien de Salaberry Julien de Salaberry Founder, The Propell Group
Justin Wilcox Justin Wilcox Founder, Nimbus Health
Kevin Dewalt Kevin Dewalt Founder, SoHelpful
Kingsley Wood Kingsley Wood Director of Cloud Solutions, Red Hat Asia Pacific
Krish Surendran Krish Surendran CEO and Co-Founder, Klinify
Kristine Lauria Kristine Lauria, FailCon SG, WalkAbout Singapore
Kuo-Yi Lim Kuo-Yi Lim Partner, Monk's Hill Ventures
Laurent Gasser Laurent Gasser Director of Business Development, Collabspot
Marc Bernegger Marc Bernegger Serial Entrepreneur
Michael “Smitty” Smith Michael “Smitty” Smith CPO at spuul & Chief Curator @
Michael Blakey Michael Blakey Founder of Cub Capital in Singapore
Monthida McCoole Monthida McCoole Money Matters/Angel Investor
Nishanth Sudharsanam Nishanth Sudharsanam Founder and CTO, Klinify
Paul Santos Paul Santos Managing Partner, Wavemaker Labs
Peter Browne Peter Browne Communications Consultant, intangible Communications
Priyam Bose Priyam Bose Mentor for mobile focused start ups at Microsoft Ventures-Accelerator Programs-India.
No Image Ramesh Raghavan Co Founder and Partner, Tenshi Peak
Rani Francois-Marie Saad Rani Francois-Marie Saad Member of Abacus' Ventures Leadership Team
Ravi Mantha Ravi Mantha Co-founder, BOPHUb
Reza Behnam Reza Behnam Founder and CEO, ADZCentral
Rico Wyder Rico Wyder Asia Pacific Director of Fiksu
Roger Egan Roger Egan Co-Founder & CEO, RedMart
Roland Turner Roland Turner Director, Labs, TrustSphere
Roshni Mahtani Roshni Mahtani CEO and Founder, Tickled Media
Rowan Simpson Rowan Simpson Software Engineer
Sangeet Choudary Sangeet Choudary Author,
Selene Daswani Selene Daswani Co-founder, Knots & Regional Ambassador for GoogleServe20
Shane Cheek Shane Cheek Founder, Acumen Ventures
Simon Dale Simon Dale Head (Technology and Innovation), SAP Asia Pacific
Steven Goh Steven Goh CEO and co-Founder, mig33
Stuart Smith Stuart Smith Deputy Chief Service Innovation @ISSNUS. Ex owner of innovation co @woodholmes
Thomas Diong Thomas Diong Head of Analytics at Veritrans Indonesia.
Thomas Gorissen III Thomas Gorissen III UI Expert
Tom Clayton Tom Clayton CEO, Bubble Motion
Vinnie Lauria Vinnie Lauria Founding Partner, Golden Gate Ventures
William Klippgen William Klippgen Founding Partner at Clickstream Ventures

Meet the Alumni

The proof of the value that JFDI.Asia creates is our portfolio of start-up companies. Through our JFDI accelerate program we have invested cash, mentoring and services to the value S$165,000 in each of the following businesses.

Class of 2015B Accelerator Program

Roomfilla Roomfilla Active Startup
InfoGym InfoGym Active Startup
Eventory Eventory Active Startup
Play2Lead Play2Lead Active Startup
CurrentDraw CurrentDraw Active Startup
CodeCloud CodeCloud Active Startup
Fynd Fynd Active Startup
Execuvite Execuvite Active Startup

Class of 2015A Accelerator Program

Bakipa Bakipa Active Startup
Boxgreen Boxgreen Active Startup
FirstRide FirstRide Active Startup
Hijab2go Hijab2go Active Startup
Let’s Catchup Let’s Catchup Active Startup
Peddle Peddle Active Startup
Strike Strike Active Startup Active Startup
Wiindi Wiindi Active Startup

Class of 2014B Accelerator Program

Casting DB Casting DB Active Startup
DataStreamX DataStreamX Active Startup
Digify Digify Active Startup
Geckolife Geckolife Active Startup
Heyleela Heyleela Active Startup
Oroscas Oroscas Active Startup
QLC QLC Active Startup
Rush Bike Rush Bike Active Startup
RyMM Education RyMM Education Active Startup
Shareboard Shareboard Active Startup
Silent Eight Search Silent Eight Search Active Startup
Telefun Telefun Active Startup

Class of 2014A Accelerator Program

Appknox Appknox Active Startup
Arena Arena Active Startup
Celuv Celuv Active Startup
Codetoki Codetoki Active Startup
Glints Glints Active Startup
Greyloft Greyloft Active Startup
Kallfly Kallfly Active Startup
MediaLink MediaLink Active Startup
Quickly Quickly Active Startup
StoryRoll StoryRoll Active Startup
Stylhunt Stylhunt Active Startup
Wikasa Wikasa Active Startup

Class of 2013B Accelerator Program

enMarkit enMarkit Active Startup
Healint Healint Active Startup
MOLOME MOLOME Active Startup
Obatech Obatech Active Startup
Qwikwire Qwikwire Active Startup
Skimbl Skimbl Active Startup
TapTalents TapTalents Active Startup
Vault Dragon Vault Dragon Active Startup

Class of 2013A Accelerator Program

Collabspot Collabspot Active Startup
Duable Duable Active Startup
Klinify Klinify Active Startup
Krake Krake Active Startup
OurHealthMate OurHealthMate Active Startup
Scrollback Scrollback Active Startup
UserScout UserScout Active Startup

Class of 2012A Accelerator Program

FamilyKo FamilyKo Active Startup
FetchFans FetchFans Active Startup
Flocations Flocations Active Startup
Kark Mobile Education Kark Mobile Education Active Startup
Remember Remember Folded Startup
ShopSpot ShopSpot Active Startup
Stubb Stubb Folded Startup
Tradegecko Tradegecko Active Startup
Tribe Hired Tribe Hired Active Startup
Trafflers Trafflers Folded Startup
Wildby Wildby Folded Startup

For Investors

Early-stage investors are welcome to consider our portfolio companies for seed and Series A investment.