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How Startups Grow Up – with Tom Lokenvitz

Apr 11, 2013 Frog Vlog 0 comments

Like JFDI.Asia, all electric transport company is going through a transition from being a start-up to a growing company. CEO Tom Lokenvitz shares the challenges of changing culture, prioritzing what creates value and working out what’s relevant from an MBA to life as an entrepreneur.

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Practising a Pitch … The Peter Browne Way

Apr 10, 2013 Frog Vlog 0 comments

It’s day 49 at the JFDI.Asia 2013A bootcamp and the start-up teams are beginning training with Peter Browne, former actor and now founder of Intangible Productions. Peter teaches start-up teams how to feel relaxed and confident in front of an audience and how to deliver their pitch for maximum impact.

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Startup secrets I wish I had known By Cameron Priest of Tradegecko

Mar 19, 2013 Frog Vlog 1 comment

One year after he brought his startup Tradegecko to JFDI.Asia, co-founder and CEO Cameron Priest is back on the program, this time as a mentor.  Armed with seed funding and hard-won experience, Priest shares the insights he wished he’d known when he was starting up with JFDI.Asia CEO Hugh Mason. His three tips? Get a landing…

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Mentor Justin Wilcox tours JFDI.Asia

Feb 26, 2013 Frog Vlog 0 comments

Take a video tour around the Joyful Frog Incuabation Campus with mentor Justin Wilcox

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Sista Barista gets a new uniform while Hian Goh talks strategy

Feb 1, 2013 Frog Vlog 0 comments

JFDI.Asia’s new purpose built space is nearing completion: Sista Barista Sharon is ready with the coffee. Among her first guests is Singapore’s successful serial entrepreneur Hian Goh, who talks to Hugh Mason about the Series A crunch, raising money in Silicon Valley versus Singapore and start-up strategies for roll-out across Asia.

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Open House at JFDI.Asia – with Thomas Gorissen and Rosaline Chow

Nov 24, 2012 Frog Vlog 0 comments

On a day when the Minimum Viable Cafe signs up the first members of JFDI.Asia’s Incubation Club, our regular friday night open house event saw Thomas Gorissen demonstrate a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 and Rosaline Chow share her experience building online businesses in Singapore, contrasting dotcom 1.0 with her new venture today. Later … one…

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Riding a Rocket – with Christoph Zrenner

Nov 21, 2012 Frog Vlog 0 comments

Shanghai/Singapore- based hit the jackpot when it changed its product offering just a few weeks ago. Culture-change, costs and stress levels shot up with the great sales figures. So how to cope with rapid growth? In the second of two video logs, Founder Christoph Zrenner talks with JFDI.Asia CEO Hugh Mason.

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Meet Sista Barista @ the Minimum Viable Cafe

Nov 19, 2012 Frog Vlog 0 comments

A big froggy hello to Sharon Ho, who joins JFDI.Asia today as Sista Barista @ the Minimum Viable Cafe. It’s Singapore’s first entrepreneur salon to be developed using Lean Startup Methodology. Come by and let our business stylists give your lean canvas a makeover, or put a permanent wave in your cognitive frame 🙂 Please…

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Positioning to Hit the Jackpot – with Christoph Zrenner

Nov 18, 2012 Frog Vlog 0 comments went through the slog of three pivots until, finally, the company found the formula to achieve market fit. A small change ten weeks ago has opened the floodgates to customers … It was all down to positioning, founder Christoph Zrenner tells JFDI.Asia’s CEO Hugh Mason, in the first of two video logs.

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Loving my Lifestyle Business – with Alan Simonsen

Nov 17, 2012 Frog Vlog 1 comment

Read any tech blog and you could get the impression that pumping up a business for investment and growing shareholder value is the only way to go. Screw all that, says Allan Simonsen, it’s all about the lifestyle. Here’s how he and co-founder Christopher Natsuume chose a different path for their successful casual gaming company…

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