JFDI.Asia and Glints launch the JFDI Fellowship

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JFDI.Asia and Glints launch the JFDI Fellowship to offer young people hands-on entrepreneurial education.

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How Startups can get VC funding in Asia

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Is VC funding right for me? Can my startup get funded in Singapore? Will I have to give up control?

August Man magazine interviewed Meng recently. In this excerpt, he answers those questions and more.

Bonus download: "Meng's Map of the Money".

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JFDI.Asia moves downstream- more mature startups in Accelerate Program

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Singapore, 11 November 2014—Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI.Asia Pte Ltd) today revealed details of the 12 Singapore-based startup businesses joining its fifth 100-day accelerator program. Compared with previous programs, the latest cohort includes companies on average at a significantly later stage of maturity. The move marks a shift for JFDI downstream towards later stage startup support.


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JFDI.Asia and Idea-Lab.kz bring Kazakh startups to enter global market

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SINGAPORE, 17 November 2014 – Today, Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI), Asia’s leading startup accelerator announces new initiative with Idea-Lab.kz to bring Kazakh startups into the global market through the “Kazakhstan Go Global” program. The five Kazakh teams started the program by completing the 21-day JFDI Discover program and are selected for a month-long acceleration program in Singapore starting 17 November.

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Norwegian Startups in Asia for month-long accelerator program

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14 November 2014, Singapore JFDI.Asia and Innovation Norway are bringing six Norwegian teams to Singapore through a month-long acceleration program called TINC Asia. The program is designed to  give participants greater insight and familiarity with Asian business, culture, preferences and expectations, to enable faster growth into the region, with lesser risk. TINC Asia startups will be based in the JFDI Innovation Campus in upcoming weeks from 17 November and will go through mentoring, pitching and customer discovery sessions in Singapore.

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Pitching to VCs: To be invested - or not to be

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Venture capitalists and other investors scour the planet looking for startup diamonds hidden deep in mounds of gravel. Access to these investors is one of the main reasons startups join an accelerator program.

JFDI's Peter Browne describes how you can polish your startup business and shine at a pitching competition, demo day or in an elevator.

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The Asian Angle on How to Start a Startup: Episode 3, Paul Graham

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Like many others, we've been watching How to Start a Startup in a small study group, following the videos every week as they come out.


But we aren't in Silicon Valley. We're in Singapore, halfway across the world. Does Y Combinator's weekly dose of concentrated startup advice, originally designed for a Stanford audience, make sense in Southeast Asia?

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Pains and Gains, Right and Wrong

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How would you pitch the nicotine patch to a VC? There is a right way to do it! shutterstock_85862212 

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JFDI 2012/13 startups valued at S$36m+

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SINGAPORE, 15 July 2014 — Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI) today disclosed new data quantifying the impact of its startups on the business ecosystem in South East Asia. The data reveals that the first two years of JFDI’s accelerator operations yielded 21 active startups, raising in aggregate SGD9m (USD7.2m) in seed funding and now valued at SGD36.1m (USD29.1m).

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JFDI launches ambassador program across Asia

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SINGAPORE, 14 July 2014 — Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI) announced today that it had appointed the first in a new network of “Ambassadors” to support the growth of startup communities across Asia. The Ambassadors will connect JFDI more effectively with existing startup groups and events in Thailand, Malaysia, India and Philippines, building on what local organizers have already created and sharing the opportunities and insights of JFDI’s mentors, investors and startup growth programs.

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