Communicating is Key - Onbump on JFDI Discover

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Interacting with other startup founders allowed us to learn from others who are on the same journey, says Chen Bin Chan of JFDI Discover Startup Onbump.

Our team winning a prize from Big App Challenge 2.0 in September 2015

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Augmented Intelligence For Startups

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Augmented intelligence sees computers helping humans to make better decisions. That will be an opportunity for startups in coming decades as deep-learning apps roll out to mCommerce market, predicts JFDI Guest Mentor Dr. Lawrence Lau.

Augmented intelligence, while still heavily dependent on narrow artificial assistance, becomes an expert in its own right if you aggregate enough of them – much like the The Doctor in Star Trek. 

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Growing a Business Around Cleantech - Global TREE on JFDI Discover

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Solar energy could revolutionise the food dehydrating industry, says Samuel Coronado of JFDI Discover startup Global TREE.

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See a need, fill a need - Instant Edge on JFDI Discover

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"Keep it lean and only use resource when you need it. It takes a bit of ‘mental calibration’ to get that mindset right," says Sebastian Voss of JFDI Discover startup Instant Edge.


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Starting and running a business are two different games - Blue Wireless on JFDI Discover

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"Starters have to run it themselves, they just need some guidance and inspiration along the way," says Ivan Landen of JFDI Discover startup Blue Wireless.

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Use Passion To Drive Your Startup - Plugged On JFDI Discover

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"Startups are hard. But they are not impossible. Passion drives the daily grind that it takes for you and your startup idea to succeed," says RJ Mangubat and JFDI Discover startup team Plugged.

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JFDI Discover Startup CaptionCube - Helping deaf and hard-of-hearing learners

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Staying objective and setting priorities as evidence flows in from potential customers were two key learning points for Will Lim Jing Jie and the team at JFDI Discover startup CaptionCube.

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Be Your Own Superhero - HumanPlace on JFDI Discover

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Robert Hobson of JFDI Startup Human was inspired by 'becoming aware of what's possible and that other people are doing great things', which led him to turn his childhood dream of a sci-fi wonderland, into a reality that can benefit the ill and differently abled.

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Prioritising is a priority - BeeZee Services on JFDI Discover

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Founding a startup often leads to an overwhelming list of tasks which spark a series of questions. Timothy Tjendra from July JFDI Discover startup BeeZee Services shares his team's biggest challenge.

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JFDI Discover startup CancerCare: Better lives for Cancer Patients in Vietnam

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After dealing with his Mother's difficult diagnosis, Dang Ngoc Thang and his team set to find a way to reduce medical costs in Vietnam.

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