Recognize Customer Needs and User Experience - eCoach on JFDI Discover

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Establishing a startup in Africa is tough beyond imagination but I soldier on, says Victor Adatsi of JFDI Asia Discover startup eCoach.

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Ideas Don't Have To Fit Frameworks  - Tile X Tile on JFDI Discover

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If I ended up walking away with nothing, I couldn't say that I lost everything. I was forced to develop resilience which I think is the most important lesson and takeaway from this experience, says Brandon Leong of JFDI Asia Discover startup Tile X Tile.

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Know Your Customer - WhyQ on JFDI Discover

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Making the daily lives of the busy corporate people around us more convenient and less stressful gives us immense joy and satisfaction, says Varun Saraf of JFDI Asia Discover startup WhyQ.

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How JFDI Discover Team Teach!Mi Raised $140,000

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Just 7 months after enrolling in JFDI Discover, our startup GAMP Tech closed a $140k funding round for Teach!Mi. We want to change the way people learn and track their real knowledge, writes Teach!Mi cofounder Pavel Antonov.

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Seeing Business in a New Perspective - D Concierge on JFDI Discover

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Since doing a startup, work is not "work" anymore, says Fatima Akhtar and Daria Fu, who both found new perspectives and a calling in their JFDI Discover startup D Concierge.

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Embrace Iterations and Never Give Up - VCIO on JFDI Discover

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Having a good business model and conducting market validation will save a lot of time from corrections, says Andy Heng of JFDI Discover startup VCIO.

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Overcoming Startup Challenges Through Teamwork - EasyReno on JFDI Discover

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Finding the right person that fits the team is crucial to face challenges in a startupsays Jen Lam Chong of JFDI Discover startup EasyReno.

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From Idea To Funding - CatJira's Success With JFDI Discover

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CatJira aims to optimize digital platforms for marketers. JFDI Discover helped its founders get funding less than 12 months from startup, writes Crystal Neri

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JFDI Discover: How 12 startups are improving Southeast Asia

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As 2015 draws to a close, we’re introducing the 12 startup businesses making Southeast Asia a better place – from aiding educational platforms in Singapore, creating a seamless content marketplace in Malaysia, to creating a business around diabetic treatment in Vietnam. This is our all-star batch of 2015 JFDI Discover alumni, writes Crystal Neri


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Creating Smarter Digital Neighbourhoods - eNeighbour on JFDI Discover

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"Keep evolving, listen to your customers, give them a better experience," says Chandni Kapoor of JFDI Discover startup eNeighbour.


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