Meet Kai Huang, JFDI's Program Manager

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Everyday, Kai Huang opens his laptops and digs through dozens of queries and operational tasks as JDFI’s Program Manager. The 34-year old Taiwanese born Singaporean uses the metaphor coach to describe his work. “I handle JFDI’s Discover and Accelerate Program,” he says.

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Entrepreneurial Characteristics Than Can Backfire

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A simple search with keywords “qualities of successful entrepreneurs” will give you over 660,000 hits. There are more than enough self-help books and videos out there that endorse certain qualities of sucessful entrepreneurs.

Society applauds passionate, singular, self-starting, forward-thinking, and confident risk-takers that entrepreneurs are. But sometimes, these qualities can backfire too. Here are some examples:

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Startups: avoid these common pitfalls

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Out of every 95 startups, only five succeed. Meng, our JFDI Chairman and Social Engineer, covered this phenomenon in our webinar “Funding With The Frogs.

The startup world is full of high-energy, intelligent, hacker-type personalities. All of these traits, if fuelled by an idea, result in seemingly unstoppable missions.

But not so fast. According to Meng, here are five common reasons startups fail:

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Startups: Why you can't just copy ideas from the US to Asia

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It’s easy to assume that just because a startup worked in America, it would work in Asia too. Why wouldn’t it? Don’t we all need assistants? If so, why did the TaskRabbit clones in Singapore fail?

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Rebaem on founders' lessons from JFDI Discover

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JFDI Discover is a 21-day online course that runs every month. Discover teaches founders how to apply and get results from powerful startup tools such as the Lean Canvas, Pirate Metrics and OKR (Objectives & Key Results).

We spoke to Richard Moh, co-founder of - a SaaS startup based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The team took part in the February Discover program and share what they learnt in the 21 days.

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PR for startups - Building relationships for long term success

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This is the first in a series of PR for Startups posts by our guest contributor, Kashmira Chawak .

Getting PR for your startup is one of the best ways to get yourself out there and increase your customer base, but how to do it has baffled many startup founders.

You may know how to build apps, but beyond that you will also need to know how to get media coverage. Consumers and investors make their  decisions based on many different factors, and one of those things is trust. Trust is something hard to build if consumers can't find much information or have never read about you.

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How To Get Into A Top Accelerator

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 In a recent talk in Australia, JFDI's Strategic Partnerships Manager, Alena Arens, shared about "How To Get Into A Top Accelerator" with the local startup community. Here are her slides from the talk.

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Lessons from Open Frog: Pivots and Revenues

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Open Frog is an informal forum where anyone can ask and answer questions, or discuss anything related to innovation, entrepreneurship and start-ups. Earlier this month, there was a discussion about the timing and relationships between pivots, investors and revenues.

Pivots and Startups

The idea of a pivot comes from the lean startup methodology. Pivoting is a strategy for iteratively searching for a repeatable and scalable business model. The practice goes against the conventional model of creating and sticking to a conventional multi-year business plan. 

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Why you need a founders' agreement

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It's that time of the year when we start offering our Founders' Agreement for the upcoming Accelerate program.

For co-founders everywhere thinking about starting a business, a founders' agreement is essential in detailing the promises made between co-founders and other parties who might be involved. 

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JFDI.Asia opens a new entrepreneur community management centre in Cebu, Philippines

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16 February 2015, Cebu, Philippines - Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI) today announces the opening of its first international office, in Cebu Philippines. The new office will manage the growing community around JFDI's entrepreneur support programs, fielding enquiries from investors entrepreneurs and mentors around the world who are interested in the Southeast Asia market in addition to delivering the remote startup induction program JFDI Discover worldwide.


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