4 Common Mistakes First Time Founders Make

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JFDI Program Manager, Kai Huang works with hundreds of startups every year through our Accelerate and Discover Programs. He learns not by merely reading decks and applications, but by working closely with startup founders in Asia, writes David Ongchoco.

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LeoTech Invests In JFDI Discover Alumni Property Trakker

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It is very easy to get excited about a new idea but it is always essential to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Gaven Henry was able to validate his idea, solidify his business model and get feedback from mentors through the JFDI Discover program, writes David Ongchoco


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JFDI Accelerate 2015A Demo Day Debuts 9 New Singapore Startups

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It's Demo Day for JFDI Accelerate 2015A! 9 of our newest startup teams pitchied today to the most active early-stage investors in Southeast Asia

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Learning From Losers

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I just got two emails asking about JFDI's 'success rate' with startups. They set me thinking about the patterns of success and failure we've seen looking at well over 2,000 startup teams in the last few years and why we can now pass on 96% of the applications to JFDI Accelerate with confidence, writes JFDI CEO Hugh Mason.

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Five Insights For e-Commerce In Emerging Markets

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Don Phan was shopping for groceries with his wife in Vietnam when he noticed a young woman. She was struggling to steer a motorbike while holding her baby and several large packs of diapers. This obvious 'pain point' inspired him to co-found a diaper delivery service, writes David Ongchoco


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Love something? Let it go - Homework Elves on JFDI Discover

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They say you never forget your first love - and that applies to startups too. Startup business Homework Elves helps parents to guide their children through homework problems. Co-founder YL Ang learned not to fall in love with the team's initial idea, writes Cui-Lyn Huang.

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Accelerators Versus Incubators: What's In A Name?

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A recent question about how the 'Joyful Frog Digital Incubator' got its name prompted CEO Hugh Mason to describe the difference between accelerators and incubators, writes Crystal Neri.



 The job of an accelerator is to make (B) or break (C) a startup (after Bill Aulet, MIT)


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An Operating System for Startups

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A workshop held last night explored how automating legal documentation could be a key technology that helps startups scale across ASEAN. JFDI is spinning out the processes it has developed to address this pain point, writes JFDI co-founder Meng Wong


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BoxGreen - The E-commerce Brand for Healthy Snacks

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Lunchtime frustration with a vending machine stacked with unhealthy snacks inspired Walter Oh and Andrew Lim with the idea for a new business. But how to build it without a CTO? David Ongchoco picks up the story.

Pictured from left to right: The Boxgreen crew of Andrew Lim, Walter Oh, Fai Wong

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Joyful Frog leaps to BASH

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JFDI's Singapore operation is relocating to BASH at Block 79 @ one-north. The move will start this week, with migration expected to complete by mid-July, in time for JFDI's next Accelerate program to kick off in August.

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