About JFDI

Building new business ventures with entrepreneurs and enterprises

JFDI starts valuable, agile new businesses. Our preferred mode is collaboration, sharing risk and reward through an award-nominated innovation framework that we co-developed with our parters BOSCH, Munich Re and other key players in Asia’s innovation ecosystem. JFDI is different because we focus on execution. We are aligned with our partners long term because we typically co-own the operating, agile businesses that we co-create in less than six months. Once they are ready, our enterprise partners take over, transforming start-ups into scale-ups through the power of their capital and networks. Our partners tell us that working together cuts the cost of launching a new venture by a factor of 8 and the time involved by a factor of 4, compared with in-house innovation.

JFDI’s experience, processes and our international community of entrepreneurs, investors and mentors were formed through the experience of accelerating and investing $3m into 70+ startups. The team began taking shape in 2009 when Hugh Mason and Meng Wong led the co-founders of Hackerspace.sg, Singapore’s first co-working space. It was pivotal in bringing together a community of innovators and gave them confidence to launch JFDI.Asia a year later as Southeast Asia’s first accelerator program for tech startups. More than 50% of the startups that JFDI nurtured went on to secure seed funding, creating a portfolio now valued at $60m+.


Faces of the Frogs

Hugh Mason Hugh Mason Co-founder and CEO
Meng Wong Meng Wong Co-founder