Systematically Creating, Supporting and Investing in Startup Businesses

JFDI is a venture partner that shares risk and reward with 
large companies and individual entrepreneurs.

The JFDI Accelerate Program

JFDI.Asia operates the longest-running, most successful startup business accelerator program in South East Asia.

Our mentors have so far guided 70 startups on a 100 day journey to investment, transforming S$3.5m pre-seed funding into a S$60m+ portfolio.

We offer intensive mentoring, introductions to more than 100 active early-stage investors, S$50k cash investment, over $100k in technical facilities and office accommodation in return for equity.

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SGD 50,000 Initial Investment
SGD 100,000 Technical Facilities
Free Office Space
Internship & Mentoring

Our burgeoning alumni

Through our accelerator program we have invested cash, mentoring and services to the value S$165,000 for all our alumni start-ups:


Our awesome mentors

Our community of mentors are passionate about disruptive innovation and the potential of digital technology.

Vinnie Lauria Vinnie Lauria
Tom Clayton Tom Clayton
Alex Lin Alex Lin
Roshni Mahtani Roshni Mahtani
Paul Santos Paul Santos
Joel Gascoigne Joel Gascoigne
Jon Sugihara Jon Sugihara
Roger Egan Roger Egan
Steven Goh Steven Goh

Open House

Every Thursday

Every Thursday, 6pm to 8pm, a random collection of geeks, entrepreneurs, investors and creatives gather to eat cheese and change the world at JFDI's Innovation Campus.

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