Collaborative Innovation

JFDI starts-up and scales-up joint ventures that connect non-competing MNCs, SMEs and entrepreneurs. While consultants and designers deliver PowerPoints and prototypes, the teams we build deliver real working businesses, estimated by our clients to be 4X faster and 1/8 of the cost of equivalent internal innovation. 

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Staged Investment
Agile Innovation Sprints
Systematic Innovation
Shared Risk and Reward

$3m invested to create a $60m portfolio

JFDI was founded in 2010 as the first startup accelerator in ASEAN. Its alumni startups now span sectors as diverse as supply chain management, enterprise data search, big data marketplaces and medical analytics.

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Startup Community Pioneers

JFDI has played a critical role establishing the startup community across SE Asia and its network of business mentors are passionate about the potential for agile innovation to transform life in the region.

Vinnie Lauria Vinnie Lauria
Alex Lin Alex Lin
Joel Gascoigne Joel Gascoigne
Jon Sugihara Jon Sugihara
Paul Santos Paul Santos
Roger Egan Roger Egan
Roshni Mahtani Roshni Mahtani
Steven Goh Steven Goh
Tom Clayton Tom Clayton
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